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Jannock Pumpout Page

This site has been running for 10 years now so it must be time the content got round to pumpout toilets.

Jannock has a large pumpout tank which puts a horrible lean on the boat once it gets over half full. Although there are marina and BW operated pay pumpout points around the canal system, we invested in a Lee Sanitation Self Pumpout kit to 'do it ourselves' which has payed for itself now! This kit has two advantages as far as we are concerned - it saves us money and it gives us a bit of exercise occasionally.
In order to 'do it yourself' it is handy to know where the sanitary stations are.

Leesan Self Pumpout kit

The information contained in the table below was compiled by David Hymers who has kindly allowed me to publish & maintain his list. The inclusion of a hose length in the list indicates that you can use your own pump to pumpout . Any comments in the Electric column means there is an official machine on site. No entry in that column indicates a sanitary station was used for a self pumpout using own equipment.

If you have any update information then Please email us and we will update this table.

David's self pumpout kit has 3 hoses, one 30 foot hose and two 20 foot hoses.
The distances quoted in the
Hoses column indicate the specific combination he found neccessary for each sanitary station listed.

    Location       Canal       Hoses       Electric       Comments i.e. last used.    
AldermastonKennet & Avon 20 Foot  2004
AndertonTrent & Mersey 20 Foot  2004
ApsleyGrand Union 20 Foot  
Atherstone BasinCoventry Canal   Now labelled "Not Suitable"
BanburySouthern Oxford 30 Foot  Labelled 'No Pumpout' 2004
Barnby TurnStainforth & Keadby 30 Foot  2004
Barrow on SoarRiver Soar 30 Foot  Port side heading North
Bosley TopMacclesfield 30 Foot Card 2005
 BraunstonGrand Union 20 Foot  2004 Port side heading North Winding point
Braunston MarinaGrand Union    Self operated with token
Braunston TurnOxford canal 70 Foot  2004
BrighouseCalder & Hebble 30 Foot  2004
BrownhillsWyrley & Essington 30 Foot  2006
Buckden MarinaBedford Ouse    Self operated Token Egerton boats
Bugsworth BasinPeak Forest use Whaley Br.  Designated 'No Pumpout' due to misuse.
CalveleyShropshire Union 20 Foot Card 2004 Port side heading South
CambridgeRiver Cam 30 Foot 3 unless credit  left in the machine when it's free.
CastlefordAire & Calder 30 Foot Card 2004
ChesterShropshire Union 50 Foot  
CosgroveGrand Union 30 Foot  
Coventry BasinCoventry 30 Foot Card 2004
Cowley PeacheyGrand Union 20 Foot  
CropredySouthern Oxford 50 Foot  2006
DenverEly Ouse   Free 
Devizes WharfKennet & Avon 30 Foot  Very Awkward
Diggle BottomHuddersfield Narrow 30 Foot  
DiglisRiver Severn 20 Foot Located on pontoon
DudleyBCN   2006
Ellesmere PortShropshire Union 30 Foot Card 
ElyGreat Ouse 30 Foot Free 
EndonCaldon 50 Foot Card 2004
EtruriaCaldon  Card 2005
EveshamRiver Avon 30 Foot Free 
Farmers BridgeBirmingham & Fazely 30 Foot  2004
FazelyCoventry 20 Foot  2004 labelled 'not suitable for pumpout'
Fenny ComptonSouthern Oxford    Self operated with token
Fenny StratfordGrand Union 30 Foot  
Fields LockLee & Stort 20 Foot  2003
Forest Lock (55)Chesterfield  card 
Fosse WayGrand Union 20 Foot  2005
Fradley YardTrent & Mersey 30 Foot  2004
Gayton JunctionGrand Union 30 Foot  2004
Gifford Park M.K.Grand Union 30 Foot  2004
GodalmingRiver Wey 30 Foot  
Greenberfield TopLeeds & Liverpool 30 Foot  
GreensforgeStaffs & Worcester 30 Foot Card Port side heading North
Grindley BrookLlangollen 50 Foot Card 2006
Gunthorpe LockRiver trent 50 Foot  2004
Hanwell Top LockGrand Union 30 Foot  
Harlow Town LockRiver Stort 30 Foot  
Hatton Lock 45Grand Union 30 Foot  2004
Hebden BridgeRochdale 30 Foot  2004
Hemel HempsteadGrand Union 20 Foot  
Hockley PortBCN 20 Foot  
Horninglow BasinTrent & Mersey 20 Foot  
Huddersfield BasinHuddersfield Broad 30 Foot Card 
HungerfordKennet & Avon 20 Foot Card 2006
IrthlingboroughRiver Nene   Reported closed Summer 2005
Johnsons Hillock TopLeeds & Liverpool 30 Foot  
KilbyGrand Union, Leicester 20 Foot  card Port side heading South
Kings NortonWorcester and Birmingham 20 Foot (just South of junction)  Starboard side heading South
KintburyKennet & AvonManual 20m lock, 40m lock mooring. Card 2003
KinverStaffs & Worcester 30 Foot Card 
Knowle TopGrand Union 30 Foot  
Langley MillErewash 30 Foot  
Lapworth BasinStratford 50 Foot Card Port side heading South Winding point
Leeds LockAire & Calder 30 Foot Card 
Lincoln BW YardFossdyke 70 Foot  
LittleboroughMiddle Levels 30 Foot Free 
LittleboroughRochdale 30 Foot Card 2004
Little VeniceGrand Union  Card 2009
LlangollenLlangollen 30 Foot  
Long SandellSheffield & S. Yorks   Card 
Maesbury MarshMontgomery 30 Foot  
MarchMiddle Levels 30 Foot Free 
Market DraytonShropshire Union 30 Foot Card 2002 Port side heading North Winding point
Market HarboroughGrand Union Leicester  Card 
MarpleMacclesfield 20 Foot  Port side heading North
MinworthBirmingham & Fazely 30 Foot  
NaburnYorkshire Ouse   Card 
Netherton BCN 20 Foot  2004
NorthamptonRiver Nene 30 Foot Free 
PenkridgeStaffs & Worcester 20 Foot  Port side heading South Winding point
PeterboroughRiver Nene 30 Foot Free 
Pewsey WharfKennet & Avon 20 Foot Card 2006
Red Bull YardTrent & Mersey 20 Foot Card 2004
Rushall Top Lock BCN 20 Foot  
Rye HouseLee & Stort 30 Foot  
SalterhebbleCalder & Hebble 30 Foot  2004
SaltisfordGrand Union    Canal centre operated
Sawley CutRiver Trent   Pay for key in chandlery during shop hours 2005
SelbySelby 30 Foot Card 
SharpnessGloucester & Sharpness 20 Foot Located on pontoon.
ShireoaksChesterfield 30 Foot Card 
SnarestoneAshby 30 Foot  
Sowerby BridgeCalder & Hebble 30 Foot  2004
Stanley FerryAire & Calder 30 Foot Card 2004
StoneTrent & Mersey 30 Foot Awkward - Port side heading North
StourportRiver Severn 20 Foot Located on pontoon
Stourport BasinStaffs & Worcester 30 Foot  
TodmordenRochdale 30 Foot Card 2004
Trent LockErewash 50 Foot  2004
Tyle MillKennet & Avon 50 Foot Card 2003
UptonRiver Severn 20 Foot Located on pontoon 2004
Walsall Top BCN 30 Foot Awkward-blocks lock
Watford TopGrand Union Leicester 30 Foot  
West StockwithChesterfield  card 
Whaley BridgePeak Forest 30 Foot  
Wheaton AstonShropshire Union 50 Foot Card 2005 Port side heading South
WheelockTrent & Mersey 70 Foot  
Whilton MarinaGrand Union Leicester    Self operated with token
WillingtonTrent & Mersey 20 Foot  2005 Port side heading East Winding hole
WolvercoteSouthern Oxford 20 Foot  nr. Perry's lift bridge
WorksopChesterfield 20 Foot  2004

Please email us if you have any additions or changes.

I have also created this table as a Word document which can be found HERE. You are free to download it, save it and then print a copy off. Please remember to return occaisionally and check the last modified date below to check when you need to update your printed copy.

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